Windsor Currency Exchange

Open all days of the week

With our services available seven days a week, the team at Windsor Currency Exchange has made it possible for you to plan your travels without any concerns about closures or the inability to exchange currency during weekends and holidays.

Better Rates than the Banks

Windsor Currency Exchange, situated at the border of the Canada (Windsor city), and United States (Detroit city) and facilitates tourists by enabling them to convert their US dollars to Canadian currency at a much more favorable rate compared to banks, immediately upon their arrival in Canada. This service allows them to explore the beauties of Canada with peace of mind and enjoy their time without any currency-related concerns. Furthermore, Windsor Currency Exchange extends this opportunity to its fellow citizens and anyone intending to enter the United States, allowing them to purchase US dollars at a significantly better rate than American banks and currency exchanges.

Get Live Rate!

You can ask for the exchange rate right now using the online chat.

No Fees

We will not charge you any additional fees, and the transaction will be solely based on the stated rate. So, trade with us with peace of mind and save your money.